iPhone 12 mini Teardown at iFixit: How Apple Fit So Much Into A Tiny Device?

Biggest drawback of iPhone 12 mini: The smaller battery size is directly proportional to shorter battery life.

iPhone 12 Mini
iPhone 12 Mini

Orders for the new iPhone 12 mini began to arrive for buyers, and a two-part teardown of both an EU and US model by the iFixit team to find out how Apple was able to integrate 5G hardware and the normal iPhone components into such a compact device.

The smaller battery in the mini, which measures up to similar iPhone models remarkably well, iFixit finds, with 8.57 Wh, is the first thing you notice looking at the internal pictures.

"That's more juice than the 6.96 Wh of the iPhone SE 2020, but understandably short of the 10.78 Wh of the regular 12 it's piled on top of," notes iFixit. However, it's less than the 10.78 Wh of the iPhone 12 battery.

In smaller versions, the Taptic Engine, speakers, and the MagSafe ring are all included in the miniature size to save space. But Apple was able to fit the same-sized camera into the mini as its other iPhone versions, which iFixit indicates may have come at the cost of battery life. 

The mini camera has the same wide-angle / 1.6 and super wide-angle / 2.4 cameras used on the iPhone 12, shows the teardown.

In short, iFixit discovered that the iPhone 12 mini was very close to its larger counterparts: "The iPhone 12 mini is a small phone with big ambitions." Given the variations in size between them, we're shocked at how familiar the internal devices look compared to other iPhones this year.

You can read the detailed teardown at iFixit's website or simply Click here.

Publish : 2020-11-16 10:22:00

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