Myanmar Junta blocks Facebook in the country

Photo: BL Media ~ English Desk

Myanmar's military government has blocked Facebook in the country. As the resistance grows against the military government in social media, Myanmar's Junta has blocked access to Facebook. 

Telecoms in Myanmar received a direct order from the Communication Ministry to block access to the most popular social medium in the country. Myanmar's one of the Telecommunication companies, Telenor said that it has to comply with the rules, despite its concerns about the breach of fundamental human rights.

A Facebook spokesperson said in a statement that the company, "urges authorities (in Myanmar) to restore the connectivity."

Activists in Myanmar have called for civil disobedience in the country to oppose the takeover of the government.

Myanmar's military took over the government after detaining the leaders of the ruling party on Monday. World leaders and Human rights activists across the world have criticized the action of Myanmar's Military.

Publish : 2021-02-04 16:44:00

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