Japan struck by magnitude 7.0 earthquake

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Japan's coast near Fukusima.

Photo: World Atlas

According to Japan Meteorological Agency, the country has been hit by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake off the coast of eastern Japan.

The earthquake's epicenter was on the coast of Fukushima prefecture at a depth of 60 kilometers. The Agency has not issued any Tsunami warning as of yet.

Fukushima Dai-uchi nuclear plant is still checking if there are any problems due to the quake, as reported by Japan's public broadcaster NHK TV.

The earthquake struck at local time 11:08 pm (1408 GMT). It was strong enough to shake the buildings in the capital Tokyo.

Japan is one of the world's most seismically active zones. Japan accounts for about 20% of the world's tremors greater than magnitude 6.

Japan had been devastated by an earthquake on March 11-2011. The quake had triggered a tsunami which led to the world's worst nuclear crisis in a quarter of a century.

Publish : 2021-02-13 21:42:00

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