Burmese People's answer to the police violence: More protests

Photo: EPA | EFE

Burmese people on Sunday responded to Saturday's police violence with more protests. 

Saturday was the worst day so far in the series of recent protests in Myanmar in which two people died. But the Burmese people responded to the dark day with more people gathering on the streets to protest against the dictatorial military regime.

Early on Sunday, Myanmar police arrested a famous actor for opposing the coup. 

As the protestors gathered peacefully, police fired rubber bullets followed by live rounds, which killed two people on Saturday. 

People have laid flowers for the dead protesters in the different cities and have been opposing the police's action.

"They aimed at the heads of unarmed civilians. They aimed at our future," a young protester in Mandalay told the crowd. 

World bodies have condemned the Military's action against the people of Myanmar.

Publish : 2021-02-21 16:27:00

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