The world's fastest Train makes its debut

Photo: Feature China/Barcroft Media/Getty Images

The world's fastest train which can hit speeds up to 600 kilometers per hour (373 mph) has made its debut in China.

The maglev bullet train made by the state-owned China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation made its debut in Qingdao.

Maglev or the Magnetic levitation train uses electromagnetic force to glide it down the track. The technology's beauty makes it look as if the train is floating in the air.

Apart from its fast speed the train also emits low noise and requires lower levels of maintenance,

Highspeed trains have a huge importance in China as the Chinese government aims to connect the largest cities of the countries with high-speed trains which would allow people to connect at lesser expenses. Currently, the fastest trains in the most populous country of the world hit speeds more than 350 kph while the airplanes go above 900kph.

Publish : 2021-07-23 11:25:00

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