High School Principal Apologizes for "Lack of Sportsmanship" After Her Team Scored a 106-0 Victory

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After receiving criticism that its football team didn't just defeat an opponent, but rather thrashed them 106–0, a Los Angeles high school has apologized.

Debbie Tate, the principal of Inglewood High School, published a statement on Monday, claiming that her school's squad did not act "with sportsmanship or integrity," and that the final score was "unacceptable."

“Our administration and coaching staff believe that athletics should be a source of pride for our community. While Friday’s game did not reflect our best judgement as administrators, the Morningside High School and Inglewood High school football players, and their coaches have worked hard all season and deserve our respect,” Tate said.

Both schools are part of the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD), which stated it is "saddened beyond words" over the game's score and will start a thourough investigation.

“We will conduct a full investigation and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that a similar outcome never happens again under an IUSD athletic program,” county administrator Erika Torres said in a statement.

“We value the hard work and commitment made by every student athlete and regret these actions have taken the focus away from the positive strides our programs have made at IUSD.”


The quarterback from Inglewood High School, who is headed to UCLA, threw for 13 touchdowns in the game. The squad scored 56 points in the first quarter and led 83–0 at the halftime break.

The most contentious decision came when Inglewood's head coach tried for a two-point conversion after his team had already scored 104 points, tying Hilo High School in Hawaii for the highest-scoring high school football game in the last five years.

Publish : 2021-11-07 08:51:00

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