Dal Bahadur and Manju of Jumla win the fourth 'Guerrilla Ultra Marathon'

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Dal Bahadur Kunwar of Karnali Sports Jumla has emerged victorious in the fourth edition of 'Guerrilla Ultra Marathon' held at Mahatgaon, Bhume Gaonpalika-6 of Eastern Rukum. He completed the 62 km-long guerrilla ultra marathon in 5 hours, 53 minutes, and 2 seconds on Friday and won the title.

Earlier this year, Kunwar had finished second in the 49 km long ultra-marathon on April 6. At that time, he completed the distance in 5 hours, 5 minutes, and 7 seconds.

Winner Kunwar said that the track was challenging but exciting and that he would continue to participate in other marathon competitions in the coming days.

Similarly, Himal Budha Magar of Khabang, Bhume-2, Eastern Rkum came second. Magar completed the distance in 6 hours, 21 minutes, and 6 seconds. Likewise, Durga Bahadur Budha of Rukum West has secured the third position. He completed the distance in 6 hours, 30 minutes, and 57 seconds.

Similarly, Manju Rawat of Jumla of Karnali Sports Club became the first in the women's category. She covered the distance of 62 km in 6 hours, 56 minutes, and 36 seconds.

Anita Rai of Solukhumbu finished second in 8 hours 31 minutes and 40 seconds, and Asmati BK of Rolpa finished third in 8 hours 32 minutes and 1 second. Anita Rai of Bhojpur finished fourth in 8 hours, 58 minutes, and 20 seconds.Similarly, Jeevan Thapa Magar of eastern Rukum, Bhume-3, Jhumlabang, won the men's 10 km race in 1 hour and 2 minutes. At the same time, Keshav Budhamgar of western Rukum, Vanfikot, finished the distance in 1 hour and 4 minutes, bagging the second title. In contrast, Sandip Budha of eastern Rukum finished third by completing the distance in 1 hour and 6 minutes.

Similarly, Sun Kumari Sunar of Rukum (East) became the first in the women's 10 km race. Sunar completed the distance of 10 km in 1 hour and 40 minutes and became the winner.

Priya Pun Magar of Rukum (East) has secured second place in the same competition. She completed the distance in 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Vinita Sherpali finished the distance in 2 hours and 9 minutes and secured the third position.

In the 62 km category, the prize pool for first, second, third, and fourth places was Rs.50 thousand, Rs. 30 thousand, Rs. 15 thousand, and Rs. 8 thousand, respectively, with trophies and medals. At the same time, the prize for first, second, third, and fourth place in the 10 km category was Rs. 10 thousand, 6 thousand, 3 thousand, and Rs. 2 thousand, respectively. 

The fifth to tenth place winners were also awarded cash and certificates.

The 10-kilometer route started from Mahat, went through Labang-Dharshala, and ended at Mahat. The course of the 62 km marathon started from Mahatgaon and went through Labang-Chhorwang-Galchyol-Tilgha-Dhangnai-Jaljala-Thabang-Porpocheda-Maring-Thulo Lake and ended at Mahat.

The Chief Guest, Member of the House of Representatives, Honorable Kamala Roka, awarded the winners certificates, medals, cups, and cash prizes.

According to Sunil Kumar Roka, coordinator of the Bhume Youth Development Center, the marathon is organized annually to develop and promote tourism at the heart of the Maoist armed conflict, Bhume.

Central Secretary Ajay Magar said that the history of the Maoist conflict period should be remembered, and lessons should be learned from direct and indirect experiences. He also urged people to watch this marathon purely from an adventurous point of view. The marathon started from Rukum (East) Mahatgaon under the guerrilla footpath and has been organized since 2075 BS. It was stopped in 2077 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ninety-nine people from Jumla, Bhojpur, Solukhumbu, Taplejung, Rolpa, and Rukum (west and east) participated in the edition of 'Fourth Guerrilla Ultra Marathon 2079'. Out of which 19 women and 80 were men.

The guerrilla ultra-marathon competition held every year in Rukum (East) is being promoted by Bhume Village Municipality and Bhume Youth Development Center.

Members of the House of Representatives, including former Minister Kamala Roka, former Minister Daljit Sherpali, Lumbini MP Tej Bahadur Oli, former MP Jun Kumari Roka, Rukum (East) District Coordinating Committee Chief Megh Bahadur Shrestha, Bhume Village Chairman Homprakash Shrestha, Vice Chairman Savina Budha, Retired Chairman Ramsur Budha. Magar and administrative officer Chandra Singh Shrestha, and others had reached Mahatgaon, the marathon's starting point, to encourage the runners.

Publish : 2022-06-26 15:22:00

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