Los Angeles could soon put recycled water directly in your tap. It’s not ‘toilet to tap’

LA Times

Trenton Guinta, left, and Bert Mantilla Jr. work at the filtration plant at the Water Replenishment District’s facility at Albert Robles Center in Pico Rivera.(Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

Water has always been recycled. The water molecules in your shower or cup of coffee might just be the same molecules that rained on dinosaurs more than 65 million years ago.

With the technological advancements in water recycling, however, the water that went down your sink this morning might be back in your tap sooner than you think.

The city of Los Angeles and agencies across Southern California are looking into what’s known as “direct potable reuse,” which means putting purified recycled water directly back into our drinking water systems. This differs from indirect potable reuse, where water spends time in a substantial environmental barrier such as an underground aquifer or in a reservoir.

Publish : 2022-07-24 09:38:00

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