Kanye says he 'likes Hitler' in an Infowars interview, stuns Alex Jones

Ye appears masked on Infowars. (Photo: Screenshot from infowars)

Former president Donald Trump kept relatively silent after notorious antisemitic artist Kanye West informed conspiracy theorist Alex Jones that he was a lover of the late genocidal Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

Mr. West made the bombshell revelation during an interview on Jones' Infowars program with Nick Fuentes, an avowed white nationalist who was one of three guests who joined him for last week's meal with Mr. Trump.

Mr. West interjected after the conspiracy theorist stated that the former Grammy winner was "not a Nazi" and did not deserve to be "demonized." He informed Mr. Jones that he saw "positive things about Hitler," the tyrant who launched the Second World War by invading Poland and orchestrated the death of 10 million people, including 6 million Jews from Germany and across Europe, in the Holocaust.

Mr. West said that Hitler, who committed suicide in April 1945 as American and Russian soldiers approached Berlin, was the inventor of motorways and the microphones used by recording artists like himself. He further stated that "Jewish individuals" instructed him not to declare that the deceased war criminal "ever accomplished anything decent" out loud.

"I have completed the categorizations. "Every human being, even Hitler, brought something of value to the table," he remarked, later telling Mr. Jones, "I like Hitler," after the conspiracy theorist told him he was not a fan of the German dictator or his Nazi party.

Mr. West continued by stating that the Nazis "did nice things too" and that "we've got to stop dissing the Nazis all the time," adding that "Jewish media" has "made us feel as if the Nazis and Hitler never contributed anything of value to the world."

Mr. Trump, who stated last week that he "got along well" with Kanye West during their dinner meeting and that the avowed antisemite "expressed no antisemitism" in his presence, has refrained from commenting on his former ally's statements on his Truth Social platform. Instead of his recently-restored Twitter account, the former president frequently shares his public thoughts on this site.

While Mr. West and Mr. Jones were shouting about Hitler, Mr. Trump attacked an Associated Press reporter on Truth Social for disclosing that his aides are attempting to reinstate rules designed to prevent him from meeting with embarrassing people at his club or elsewhere.

He indicated that the allegation was "false news" due to the "very robust security" at his club, but stated that he would "not have [his] guests strip-searched," especially when he knows someone as well as he did Mr. West. Since then, he has not made any other public pronouncements.

Publish : 2022-12-02 09:29:00

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