Gaza militants fire rockets as Israel strikes in Gaza

Rockets are fired by Palestinian militants into Israel, amid Israeli-Palestinian fighting, in Gaza City August 5, 2022. (Photo: Reuters)

Friday, Palestinian militants launched two rockets from the Gaza Strip at southern Israel, intercepted by Israel's missile defences. Israel then conducted attacks in Gaza.

Thursday's Israeli incursion in the occupied West Bank resulted in the most significant single death toll in years of conflict, which prompted the cross-border shooting.

The midnight rocket fire caused sirens to sound in Israeli villages near the Gaza border, alerting inhabitants to seek shelter. There were no injuries reported.

Israel's Channel 12 broadcast footage of Israeli interceptor missiles being launched into the night sky above Ashkelon, some 12 kilometres (7 miles) north of Hamas-controlled Gaza.

A few hours later, the Israeli military reported conducting strikes in Gaza. According to Palestinian witnesses, Israeli aircraft bombed a Hamas training facility. There were no injuries recorded.

During the operation on the volatile city of Jenin, Israeli commandos killed seven shooters and two civilians, igniting tensions. Hamas and Islamic Jihad, a smaller militant organization, pledged a reaction, although there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the rocket firing.

After the bloodshed in Jenin, the Palestinian Authority said that it would discontinue its security coordination with Israel, an agreement widely recognized for aiding in maintaining calm in the West Bank and deterring assaults against Israel. It has repeatedly frozen collaboration in protest.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israel has no intention of escalating the situation, although he did urge the security forces to remain vigilant.

US, UN, and Arab officials engaged with Israel and Palestinian factions to prevent the fight in Jenin, which occurred in regions of the West Bank where Israeli operations have intensified, from starting a wider conflict.

Since a spate of deadly Palestinian street attacks in Israel in March and April last year, violence has escalated.

The ensuing diplomatic impasse has bolstered Palestinian support for Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which reject cohabitation with Israel - where Netanyahu's new hard-right coalition includes MPs hostile to establishing a Palestinian state.

Publish : 2023-01-27 10:40:00

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