Broadway Infosys going beyond the limitations of IT training!

Broadway Infosys, an ISO 9001:2015 certified Professional IT Learning institute, has been operating since the year of 2008. Having recently celebrated its 13th Year Anniversary, Broadway is living up to its promise of providing inclusive, practical, and professional IT education to aspiring individuals.

The institution has established itself as one of the top professional IT Learning institutes in Nepal, over the years by incorporating both technological as well as entrepreneurial innovativeness. However, the road to success has not been as easy as with other successful businesses. As they say “Opportunities don't happen, you create them”, the entrepreneurial journey has been a real roller coaster turning out to be something everyone wants to see up as.

The leading pillar on the way to success has been Mr. Raju Adhikari, the Chief Executive Officer. With his leadership and massive support from his friends, family, and acquaintances, he has led the institute to the way it is now. Currently, in the USA, he has never failed to grant his insights to his team, members, and the high-aiming candidates who take part in Broadway’s courses.

Image: Leader of Broadway Infosys since it was established, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Raju Adhikari

As is mentioned earlier, Broadway Infosys is a leading IT learning institute in Nepal. Due to the professionalism of this institute, excellent learning environment, dedicated faculty members, and above all, very experienced instructors, they are in the mind of every IT-interested individual in Nepal right now.

Let us talk about their professionalism in a little more detail. It is pre-known to everyone that their classes and span of courses are at the topmost level.

Broadway Infosys not just only imparts IT knowledge to their candidates, they have post-course facilities available too! Students who have completed their respective courses are also assisted in job placement and internship opportunities! Well, Broadway is providing a wholesome package!

They have been organizing a lot of sessions and online classes right now, considering the requirements amidst the pandemic.

Keeping the very much variable guidelines in mind, Broadway’s strategies, to maintain uniformity in the services that they provide, are:

  1. Training the staff so that they gain experience of the changes and upgrade their ability to handle such changes.
  2. As a professional IT Learning center, it ensures that its syllabuses are updated as required. This enables its students to be updated with the latest trends in the IT world.
  3. As an ISO certified institute, it follows the norms that are set by the ISO itself. Also, every 6 months, it provides training to the staff regarding the updates concerning the norms of ISO. As a result, old staff and new staff, both are capable of handling changes.

With the help of technology, they have ensured that the knowledge used to build that very technology is being imparted on interested candidates. Also, we should note the constant effort of their team who have made possible the process of online training.